Energy Consumption Analysis and Characterization of Aerospace Manufacturing Facilities in the United States–A Step towards Sustainable Development


Industrial and Systems Engineering

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In this study, information on energy usage in the United States (U.S.) aerospace manufacturing sector has been analyzed and then represented as energy intensities (kWh/m2) to establish benchmark data and to compare facilities of varying sizes. First, public sources were identified and the data from these previously published sources were aggregated to determine the energy usage of aerospace manufacturing facilities within the U.S. From this dataset, a sample of 28 buildings were selected and the energy intensity for each building was estimated from the data. Next, as a part of this study the energy data for three additional aerospace manufacturing facilities in the U.S. were collected firsthand. That data was analyzed and the energy intensity (kWh/m2 ) for each facility was calculated and then compared with the energy intensities of the 28 buildings from the sample. Three different indicators of energy consumption in aerospace manufacturing facilities were used as comparators to assist facility managers with determining potential energy savings and help in the decision-making process. On average, aerospace manufacturing facilities in the United States spent 4 cents for each dollar of sale on energy. The energy intensity (kWh/m2) and the power intensity (W/m2) for each facility were calculated based on the actual facility energy bills. The power intensity for these facilities ranges from 34 to 134 W/m2 . The energy intensity ranged from 232 to 949 kWh/m2 . We found that the power intensity could be used to estimate energy consumption when the annual operating hours of the facility are considered. and to estimate the energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

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Energy Engineering: Journal of the Association of Energy Engineering

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