Metaverse CAN: Embracing Continuous, Active, and Non-intrusive Biometric Authentication


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The Metaverse is a virtual world, an immersive experience, a new human-computer interaction, built upon various advanced technologies. How to protect Metaverse personal information and virtual properties is also facing new challenges, such as new attacks and new expectations of user experiences. While traditional methods (e.g., those employed in smartphone authentication) generally pass the basic design considerations, they are repeatedly reported to be either unsafe or inconvenient in the Metaverse. In this paper, we address this discrepancy by introducing CAN: a new design consideration especially for the Metaverse. Specifically, we focus on the legacy and novel biometric authentication systems and evaluate them thoroughly with basic and CAN considerations. We also propose an ear-based method as one example of CAN systems. To conclude, a continuous, active and non-intrusive biometric system is suggested for Metaverse authentication for its capability in continuous sessions, against imposters, and immersive experience.

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