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Fall 11-17-2023

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“In Yellow” was developed in the INKubator residency at Art House Productions (Jersey City, NJ) in 2019 with the following blurb:

In Yellow is a solo poem-play about a relationship between a young woman and a ceramic doll her grandmother made that she has just accidentally broken. It is about grief. It is about breaking out of generationally instilled feminine values. It is about the color yellow. It’s all true.

“In Yellow” is an experiment of a poem and play for one voice. I was in New York City for about 10 years, before that The Bay Area, but am originally from a small town in the South (southeast U.S.). My original work is deeply invested in the wrestle of being a queer woman from the South and dislocating from that space much of my adult life. It has been a wrestle to not buy into two-dimensional polarizing narratives, to wrangle with complexities and to be willing to be unsolved about some generational truths.

I wrote this piece quite lost in NYC. I was entrenched in utter amalgamations of personal, cultural, social, and political outrages and griefs. Geography became emotional: divides of city and country life unavoidable and proximate physical placement convincing. Beyond intersection, synthesis, or harmony, I sought collision, destruction, and breaking apart to create something new. Creatively, and of theoretical aim, the piece is an experiment of poem and play for one voice, though the literal doll is an onstage character – or at least an anthropological artifact in and of the performance. And while this poem-play is deeply personal, it wants to engage a societal dialogue of postmodern feminism, as well as anarchism. Importantly, it is about (the) performance (of) form.

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Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory

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Available for download on Saturday, May 17, 2025