Impurity screening and Friedel oscillations in Floquet-driven two-dimensional metals

Mahmoud M. Asmar, Kennesaw State University
Wang Kong Tse, The University of Alabama


We develop a theory for the non-equilibrium screening of a charged impurity in a two-dimensional electron system under a strong time-periodic drive. Our analysis of the time-averaged polarization function and dielectric function reveals that Floquet driving modifies the screened impurity potential in two main regimes. In the weak drive regime, the time-averaged screened potential exhibits unconventional Friedel oscillations with multiple spatial periods contributed by a principal period modulated by higher-order periods, which are due to the emergence of additional Kohn anomalies in the polarization function. In the strong drive regime, the time-averaged impurity potential becomes almost unscreened and does not exhibit Friedel oscillations. This tunable Friedel oscillations is a result of the dynamic gating effect of the time-dependent driving field on the two-dimensional electron system.