The Distribution of Radio Quiet Active Galactic Nuclei in the Star Formation Rate-stellar Mass Plane

David Garofalo, Kennesaw State University
George Mountrichas, Universidad de Cantabria


That active galactic nuclei (AGN) with jets can alternately enhance as well as suppress star formation rates, explains the location and slope of radio loud AGN on the star formation rate - stellar mass plane. Here, we explore 860 type 1 and 2 AGN at z < 0.2 from the ROSAT-2RXS survey in order to understand both different location and lower slopes for non-jetted AGN in the star formation rate - stellar mass plane. We describe the nature of these differences in terms of different degrees of black hole feedback, with relatively weak negative feedback from non-jetted AGN compared to both relatively strong positive and negative feedback from jetted AGN. The validity of these ideas brings us a step closer towards understanding the black hole scaling relations across space and time.