Extreme Level of CO2 Accumulation into the Atmosphere Due to the Unequal Global Carbon Emission and Sequestration

Md Faruque Hossain, Kennesaw State University


Global total CO2 emission and sequestration are being analysed from 1960 to 2029 reports interpreted from DEP, DOE, IPCC, CFC, CDIAC, IEA, UNEP, NOAA, and NASA. Consequently, these reports have been transcribed into each 10-year-period data set by using MATLAB software to accurately calculate the decadal emission and sequestration rate of total CO2 within the world. Then, these data were further analysed to determine the final annual increasing rate (yr −1) of CO2 accumulation into the atmosphere. The study revealed that total CO2 emissions throughout the world since the 1960s have been increasing rapidly and in the recent year the net CO2 increasing rate is 2.11% annually. If the current annual CO2 growth rate is not copped now, the atmospheric CO2 accumulation shall indeed reach at a toxic level of 1200 ppm concentration of CO2 into the atmosphere in 53 years. Consequently, the entire human race will face severe breathing problems due to the toxic level of CO2 presence in the air which indeed will create a serious environmental vulnerability to live mankind on Earth comfortably.