Development of the Abbreviated Technology Anxiety Scale (ATAS)

Matthew L. Wilson, Kennesaw State University
Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley, University of Florida
Albert D. Ritzhaupt, University of Florida
Krista Ruggles, Utah Valley University


The purpose of this research was to develop a short measure of technology anxiety and provide validity and reliability evidence for its use in a variety of studies in the social sciences. Technology anxiety is an emotion oriented towards a negative affect leading to the avoidance of information and communication technology (Wilson, 2018). We developed the Abbreviated Technology Anxiety Scale (ATAS) and applied measurement theory to provide validity and reliability evidence. We implemented the study in multiple phases that included expert panel reviews on the content and quality of the items, and three rounds of data collection and analyses to provide the needed evidence. The scores from the ATAS were found to have an internally consistent structure, as well as to correlate with other known measures of technology and anxiety. Our results support the use of the ATAS for low-stakes purposes in research studies and evaluations. A general discussion is provided looking at the potential applications of the ATAS and its relation to other existing measures.