Pláticas con Maestros: Understanding the Experiences of Latinx Teachers in the New Latino South

Paula Guerra, Kennesaw State University
Sanjuana Carrillo Rodriguez, Kennesaw State University


Drawing on pláticas held between preservice and in-service teachers, this study explores the experiences of Latinx teachers teaching in the New Latino South. The researchers illustrate how teachers navigate teaching in schools where they were oftentimes the only Latinx teacher. For this study, we used Latino Critical Race Theory paired with pláticas to analyze the stories that the participants shared. Findings from this study indicate that teachers in the New Latino South resisted traditional teacher roles by willingly taking on additional roles that supported Latinx families. Findings also indicate that teachers navigated spaces in which they often experienced different forms of racism. The article concluded with implications for recruiting and retaining Latinx teachers as well as implications for how schools can better support Latinx families.