Development of the PRO-SDLS: A Measure of Self-Direction in Learning Based on the Personal Responsibility Orientation Model


Secondary and Middle Grades Education

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The purpose of this study was to develop a reliable and valid instrument to measure self-directedness in learning among college students based on an operationalization of the personal responsibility orientation (PRO) model of self-direction in learning. The resultant 25-item Personal Responsibility Orientation to Self-Direction in Learning Scale (PRO-SDLS) was found to be a highly reliable instrument in the selected sample of graduate and undergraduate education students. Confirmatory factor analysis established that a four latent variable model fit the data. Scores from the PRO-SDLS were significantly related to criterion variables thought to demonstrate self-direction and to a known instrument of self-direction while accounting for additional variance. Recommendations for further research in the ongoing process of scale validation and implications for practice are provided.

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Adult Education Quarterly

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