Approaches and challenges to secure health data

Hossain Shahriar, Kennesaw State University
Sweta Sneha, Kennesaw State University
Patricia Whitley


The volume of health data being generated and stored is increasing massively. The growing number of data breaches is causing concern among patients and healthcare providers. Breach in security pertaining to health data will result in serious consequences for both patients and the providers. This critical piece of information is vital for cyber criminals to steal identity or make use of the information for malicious activities. This article discusses in detail the motivation of why healthcare data is of interests for attackers, followed by two common approaches to protect healthcare data which include blockchain and machine learning (ML). We discuss recent effort to protect healthcare data using blockchain and machine learning. Specific details are elucidated on how blockchain and ML can be game changers to secure health data and contribute positively to enhancing overall patient outcomes.