Determining Policy Support for Inclusive Schools


Secondary and Middle Grades Education

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This document was designed to help teams of policymakers, practitioners, and advocates implement inclusive practices in state and local school systems. It is based on a policy evaluation framework with guiding questions to be used to assess the extent to which state and local systems are inclusive in six key areas: (1) curriculum; (2) assessment; (3) accountability; (4) professional development; (5) funding; and (6) governance and administrative strategies. The framework provides a description of key dimensions of inclusion policy, as well as a set of indicators of inclusion policy. The framework was used over a 5-year period in 3 states to promote systemic change and inclusive practices. Following an introductory section providing background information and suggestions for using the guide, the guide addresses each of the six policy areas. Each of these sections includes a summary of the current research in the area, a list of indicators to assist in helping to identify policy barriers to inclusive practices, gaps among policy and practice and/or levels of communication between the state and local districts.