Validation of the Spanish version of the multi-affect indicator questionnaire among Spanish employed and unemployed


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Whereas affective well-being has been widely studied in occupational research, there is not a short questionnaire in Spanish with differentiated affects based on activation and valence. To fill that gap, this article examines the psychometric properties of the Multi-Affect Indicator Questionnaire in Spanish, a four-dimensional scale to measure well-being at work. We used an employed (n = 189) and an unemployed (n = 257) sample to test the factor structure and the invariance test through a series of confirmatory and multi-group factor analyses. Results show that the Multi-Affect Indicator Questionnaire is a valid and reliable scale with invariant four dimensions (i.e., HAPA, LAPA, LAUA, and HAUA) across both samples. Therefore, this questionnaire is highly recommended to measure differentiated affects in Spanish-speaking individuals who are employees and those who are actively seeking employment.

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Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

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