Secondary teachers’ analytic stance of noticing based on video of proportional reasoning


Secondary and Middle Grades Education

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Many researchers have studied who and what teachers notice from video and some have focused on the analytic stance of teachers, meaning how noticing occurs. We complement existing work with a focus on analytic stance in a particular mathematics domain, proportional reasoning. We engaged 30 practicing teachers in an online course that included asynchronous and synchronous modalities. Teachers were asked to view a lesson video on proportional reasoning, record what they noticed, and then discuss their noticing in small and large groups. Responses were analyzed for what teachers noticed and how they noticed. Findings indicate the teachers noticed pedagogical actions of the teacher in the video, were evaluative in their responses, and made interpretations more often than making comparisons with analysis or connections. Teachers commonly paired a lower-level order analytic stance (i.e. describe, evaluate, restate) with an interpretation, suggesting that for interpretation to occur, teachers typically also included a phrase or sentence that was a lower-level order. During classroom discussion, lower-level order analytic stances often preceded higher-level order analytic stances. Recommendations are offered for ways teacher educators can strategically incorporate and edit video to promote teachers’ higher-order analytic stances for noticing student thinking.

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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

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