Reliable Communications for Cybertwin driven 6G IoVs using Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces


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Cybertwin is the intelligent data analytics agent of the future that interacts with the Internet of Vehicles (IoVs) using 6G to make intelligent decisions for automotive application reliability. Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS) is a vital component of future cyber twin driven 6G networks. due to its ability to control unfavourable wireless propagation conditions and achieve higher data rates. In this paper, we explain the four major advantages that can be gained by using IRS enabled cybertwin 6G vehicular networks, including overcoming blockages, Doppler mitigation, enhanced localization, and enhanced security. We also provide a case study showing that IRSs can increase the percentage of vehicles with LoS links by 25% in a high traffic density of 60 vehicles/km, compared to the scenario where no IRS is deployed. Finally, we discuss future opportunities and open challenges to realize IRS enabled cybertwin 6G vehicular networks.

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

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