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April 2004


This study analyzes various types of internships and co-op programs offered by universities which are accredited by the American Council of Construction Education ACCE. Practical training requirements for Bachelor of Science BS Construction students and construction companies needs are also assessed. Responses to a questionnaire survey which was administered to program directors of ACCE accredited programs construction firms and construction students provide information about existing types of internship and co-op programs. Student perspective and preferences sought through an internship or co-op position in the Construction Industry were also identified in the study. Construction companies seeking new graduates for employment consider practical training a plus. Majority of the institutions provide an option of co-op program however less than half of the programs make internships available to their students through formal means. A very large percentage of companies prefer new employees to start as interns or co-ops. Majority of the students prefer to complete internships prior to full-time employment in a company. Results from this study are expected to benefit Construction Management Program leadership managers of internship programs in the construction industry and students intending to serve as interns prior to full-time employment. Findings shall also assist those educators who are in the process of changing internship or co-op management structure at their respective institutions.,

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Construction Management Internship and Co-op Programs: Stakeholder Needs Assessment