A survey on internet of things security: Requirements, challenges, and solutions


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Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising technologies that aims to enhance humans’ quality of life (QoL). IoT plays a significant role in several fields such as healthcare, automotive industries, agriculture, education, and many cross-cutting business applications. Addressing and analyzing IoT security issues is crucial because the working mechanisms of IoT applications vary due to the heterogeneity nature of IoT environments. Therefore, discussing the IoT security concerns in addition to available and potential solutions would assist developers and enterprises to find appropriate and timely solutions to tackle specific threats, providing the best possible IoT-based services. This paper provides a comprehensive study on IoT security issues, limitations, requirements, and current and potential solutions. The paper builds upon a taxonomy that taps into the three-layer IoT architecture as a reference to identify security properties and requirements for each layer. The main contribution of this survey is classifying the potential IoT security threat and challenges by an architectural view. From there, IoT security challenges and solutions are further grouped by the layered architecture for readers to get a better understanding on how to address and adopt best practices to avoid the current IoT security threats on each layer.

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Internet of Things (Netherlands)



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