The impact of technology integration courses on preservice teacher attitudes and beliefs: A meta-analysis of teacher education research from 2007–2017

Matthew L. Wilson, Kennesaw State University


This study examines the effect of teacher education courses for technology integration (TECTI) on preservice teacher attitudes and beliefs from 2007–2017. Technology attitudes are the affective stances leading to observable technology integration behaviors. Technology beliefs are the pedagogical beliefs on teaching and learning with technology. Subgroup analyses were executed to examine course design features (e.g., observation) within TECTI and study features theorized to moderate outcomes. The process examined k = 34 and k = 12 independent effect sizes for attitudes and beliefs, respectively. This results showed significant, positive effect of the effect size (ES) on attitudes at ES 0.646 (CI 0.477, 0.815), and beliefs at ES 0.302 (CI 0.008, 0.596) using random-effects models. The subgroup analyses showed some significant results. A full discussion with limitations and future research is provided.