Learner perceptions: Gauging the effectiveness of instructional strategies implemented in one university’s inaugural MOOC


School of Instructional Technology and Innovation

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In this paper, the authors describe an investigation of Kennesaw State University’s inaugural MOOC, a professional development opportunity designed to enhance educator skills in designing blended and online learning environments for their K-12 learners. Additionally, the authors discuss design aspects of the MOOC in regard to learning impact and first steps taken to evaluate the learners’ perceptions of the instructional strategies used during the MOOC. The methods included an analysis of quantitative survey data, as well as a qualitative analysis of both open-ended survey questions and discussion forum responses. The findings from the investigation are presented in terms of design factors contributing to the students’ learning, as well as the strategies perceived as barriers to their learning. Results of the study indicate a successful MOOC design from the learners’ perspective.

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Open Learning

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