Pilot investigation of an activity-based approach to building hardiness


Psychological Science

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BACKGROUND: The purpose was to describe an activity-based psychological hardiness training programme delivered by an occupational therapist and examine its acceptability and effectiveness in improving hardiness. METHOD: Participants (N=28) completed the 6-hour programme, which included pre/post-programme completion of the Dispositional Resilience Scale-15 (DRS-15) and a Program Evaluation Form. Paired t-tests were used to determine differences between pre-training and post-training scores on the DRS-15. RESULTS: Results showed a significant increase (p<0.05) in total hardiness, commitment, and control scores on the DRS-15 from pre-training to post-training and good-excellent ratings for all categories on the Program Evaluation Form. CONCLUSIONS: This programme evaluation described an occupational therapist's role in providing an activity-based psychological hardiness training programme and provided preliminary support for the acceptability of an activity-based approach to training psychological hardiness for service members.

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BMJ military health

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