Accurate simulation of the four modes of post-die extrudate shape distortion

M. Gupta, Kennesaw State University


A combined flow, thermal and structural analysis is employed to simulate post-die extrudate distortion in different profile dies. All four factors which can cause extrudate distortion, namely, nonuniform exit velocity distribution, extrudate shrinkage, extrudate draw down, and deformed shape of the calibrator or sizer profile, are simulated. To analyze the effect of exit velocity variation on extrudate distortion, the parameterized geometry of a simple profile die is optimized using an extrusion die optimization software. The simulation results presented for a bi-layer profile die successfully demonstrate how gradually changing profile shape in successive calibrators/sizers can be used to simplify the die design for extrusion of complex profiles. The predicted extrudate shape and layer structure for the bi-layer die are found to accurately match with those in the extruded product.