High-risk pregnancy and low-risk pregnancy: Association with sociodemographic, anthropometric, obstetric and psychological variables


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Introduction: Considering the biopsychosocial aspects during pregnancy is important for the maternal and neonatal health. A high-risk pregnancy may involve traumatic events and introduce severe mental illness to a woman. Purpose: This study investigated the association between the presence of pregnancy risk and sociodemographic, anthropometric, obstetric, and psychological variables. Methods: This study was crosssectional, quantitative, descriptive, and correlational. The participants were 386 pregnant women aged 18-46 (mean 29.32 years old ± 6.04 years). The participants were classified as low risk pregnancy (n = 289) and highrisk pregnancy (n = 97). Sociodemographic, anthropometric, and obstetric data were evaluated in addition to the women’s body attitudes, depressive symptoms, eating attitudes, self-esteem, and anxiety. Multiple Correspondence Analysis was used to verify the associations between the variables. Results: The results suggested associations between low-risk pregnancy and: higher education, higher socioeconomic level, primigravida, being married, family support, planned pregnancy, a good relationship with the father of the child, never contemplating abortion, lack of a smoking habit, low weight and overweight, second and third trimesters, low and moderate anxiety, lack of depression, and appropriate eating attitudes. The results of the group containing high-risk pregnant women were associated with: no education beyond high school, lower socioeconomic level, multigravida, being unmarried, lack of family support, lack of pregnancy planning, consideration of abortion, first trimester and obesity, negative body attitudes, high anxiety and depression. Conclusion: This study considered multiple variables in order to expand the general understanding of factors related to gestational risk. It was concluded that high-risk pregnant women presented more troubled sociodemographic structures and psychological aspects harmful for their own health when compared to women with low-risk pregnancy.

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Journal of Physical Education and Sport

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