ReZooming Our Academic Home Using Suda (수다)

Sohyun Meacham, University of Northern Iowa
Jinhee Kim, Kennesaw State University
Su Jeong Wee, California State University, Los Angeles
Koeun Kim, Sungshin Women's University


This collaborative autoethnography describes the multiple subject positions and dynamics of our identities as transnational female teacher educators. Decolonizing mainstream epistemology and research tradition, we explore a unique dialogic research process called the suda methodology. The aims are twofold. First, to theorize suda as our framework as well as a research methodology, we explain, describe, and construct the meanings of suda, which is derived from Korean cultural background. Second, we show our suda sessions and discuss how the suda approach helped us challenge against mainstream epistemology, which is also a journey to build our academic home in a rhizomatic way.