Sustainable building technology: thermal control of solar energy to cool and heat the building naturally


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A sustainable building design technology is being proposed to heat and cool inside the building naturally by using exterior curtain wall to control the solar energy. Simply, the thermal state of photon is being controlled by inducing Bose–Einstein (B–E) discrete photon mechanics and Higgs bosons (H → γγ¯) electro-quantum charge application to cool and heat the building naturally by its exterior curtain wall. Thus, in this research to cool the building naturally, helium (He)-aided curtain wall is being utilized to capture the solar energy to cool the photons by employing Bose–Einstein (B–E) photonic band gap in order to form a cooling-state photon. Here, this cooling-state photon is named as the Hossain Cooling Photon (HcP¯) which is actively functioned to cool the building by the process of photonic thermodynamics. When needed this HcP¯ can be reformed into a heating-state photon here denoted as Hossain Thermal Photon (HtP¯), which is created by Higgs bosons (H → γγ¯) electro-magnetic quantum empowered by a single-diode semiconductor to heat the building naturally. It is because of the Higgs bosons (H → γγ¯) quantum which is being instigated through the extreme low-range weak force which regulates the HcP¯ quantum to get agitated in order to convert it into heating state photon of HtP¯. The formation of HcP¯ and the reformation of HtP¯ have been confirmed by the use of set of computational mathematics. Interestingly the results revealed that the feasibility of reformation of photons (HcP¯ and HtP¯) is positively doable into the exterior curtain wall to cool and heat the building naturally which indeed world be an innovative technology for sustainable building science to mitigate global energy and environmental vulnerability.

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Environment, Development and Sustainability

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