3D Scans—A New Teaching Tool in Construction Education


Construction Management

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Use of technological gadgets became an integral part of Construction Management (CM) students’ life. Students have different learning styles and they want their academic learning experience to be engaging and interactive. Engaging these technology savvy students in the learning process with their preferred learning style is a challenging task. The differences in teaching and learning styles result in problems such as disengagement of students and loss of learning aptitude. This active student engagement challenge can be addressed by using 3D scan model learning environment. This learning environment has the potential to make a paradigm shift in teaching and learning process. This learning environment provides a new teaching style and helps the instructor to address some of the needs of the students’ learning styles. This learning environment engages students in active learning processes and helps them to focus on their learning. It also encourages students to take more responsibility for their own learning process. This paper discusses about the frame work of the 3D scan model learning environment. This paper also discusses how this frame work was used for development of a 3D scan model learning environment for a residential house construction process.

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Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation

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