German Expressionist Film — A Thesaurus

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January 2011


There is no existing thesaurus on the subject of German Expressionist film. This would be useful for those studying German film history, the history and development of modern horror, film noir, and those studying 20th century German history in general. The target audience for this thesaurus is non-specialists with a general interest. Though some German terms will be used, this thesaurus will be targeted at English-speakers, and English titles will be used as preferred terms for the films. This Thesaurus is limited to German Expressionist films released between 1910 and 1931. Though this film era influenced film noir and modern horror films, the thesaurus will not cover these topics, but the names of genres preceding and following German Expressionism will be referenced as appropriate, when considering their relevance to German Expressionism. Films released during this time period which aren’t considered Expressionist will not be included.