Meaning of Parental Involvement Among Korean Immigrant Parents: A Mixed-Methods Approach

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September 2016


The authors' goal was to identify ways in which Korean immigrant parents define the concept of parental involvement and to examine the statistical significances of interrelationships among these meanings. Seventy-seven parents responded to an open-ended question that asked them to define the meaning of parental involvement; 141 responses were analyzed. Qualitative analysis resulted in four distinct categories: (a) support at home (68.8%), (b) home–school connection (17.7%), (c) participation in school (5.0%), and (d) duty (8.5%). The category of support at home was divided into three subcategories: Support of nonacademic development (31.9%), support of emotional psychological development (29.1%), and support of academic success (7.8%). A correlational analysis indicated that support of emotional psychological development was negatively correlated with home–school connection and support of academic success. The parents who considered parental involvement to be their duty did not perceive their roles as participating in home–school connections and supporting nonacademic development activities.

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The Journal of Educational Research

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