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November 2009


Surveys of mandatory parent education in the USA (M J Geasler and K R Blaisure, ‘A review of divorce education programme materials’ (1998) 47 Family Relations 167–175; M J Geasler and K R Blaisure, ‘1998 Nationwide survey of court-connected divorce education programmes’ (1999) 37 Family and Conciliation Courts Review 36–63; S L Pollet and M Lombreglia, ‘A nationwide survey of mandatory parent education’ (2008) 46(2) Family Court Review 375–394) have demonstrated the positive impact of well-designed, evidence-based programmes on children and families. Divorce education programmes for parents are now required in many jurisdictions in 46 states in the USA (Pollet and Lombreglia, above) and in several English-speaking countries around the world (K Blaisure, Divorce intervention and prevention: Comparison of policy initiatives in England/Wales and the US (The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 2003)). Although programmes are provided in many places, very few of them have a strong, positive, evidence base that would encourage their application in locations where either no programme exists or existing programmes have not been demonstrated to be effective.

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International Family Law