Privacy violations and mobile streaming video: examining organizational social media policies and Antonio Brown’s Facebook live stream


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Mobile streaming video technology via social media has given anyone the ability to become a broadcaster. However, the platform’s simultaneous recording and distributing of video make privacy violations inevitable. One such violation occurred in January 2017 when football player Antonio Brown was recording a Facebook Live stream in the locker room and captured his head coach making profane remarks about an opponent. Brown’s use of social media in the locker room violated National Football League policy. This study uses communication privacy management theory to understand how this privacy breach occurred, how it could have been avoided, and how organizational social media policies can be crafted to avoid future privacy breaches. From the analysis of this privacy breakdown, recommendations are made about how social media and mobile streaming can be used within organizations, how social media policies can be crafted, and how similar breakdowns of privacy can be avoided in the future.

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Sport in Society

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