Trauma-Informed Care and Posttraumatic Growth Among Bereaved Youth: A Pilot Study


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Although a fair amount has been written about posttraumatic stress disorder among bereaved children and adolescents, less has been written about posttraumatic growth (PTG) and its predictors among this population. This study examines predictors of PTG and the impact of trauma-informed care on PTG among bereaved youth. A preexperimental, pretest–posttest design was applied to measure PTG among bereaved children (N = 32) before and after attending a healing camp that provides trauma-informed care. A regression model was applied to examine predictors of PTG. Results showed that children participating in the camp increased their PTG scores to a statistically significant degree. Circumstance of death (sudden or expected) was a predictor in this study. The results are discussed in relation to limitations, implications for future research, and practice.

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OMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying

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