Secondary and Middle Grades Education

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Teacher knowledge is a critical factor that influences pedagogical decisions. If we want teachers to make appropriate choices in the classroom we must know and understand the types of knowledge used during this decision-making process. To this end, we sought to understand how, and the extent to which, two 5th grade teachers drew upon and integrated their knowledge of mathematics, learners, and pedagogy while teaching. Stimulated recall interviews were analyzed to uncover the types of knowledge and interactions that occurred. Both teachers primarily used their knowledge of learners and pedagogy, with the knowledge of mathematics playing a supportive role. In addition, the teachers integrated their knowledge in one of two ways: a) one knowledge type was used to justify or explain a statement about a second knowledge type and b) a discussion of one knowledge type lead to an implication or reflection about a second knowledge type. These interactions allowed the teachers to use and build their connected knowledge. Understanding how teachers integrate and use their knowledge has implications for the structure of teacher professional development.

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The Mathematics Enthusiast

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