A Statement Synthesis of Emotional Eating and Body Size Recognition: Advancing Nursing Science Related to Obesity Research


Health Promotion and Physical Education

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Aim. A discussion of a statement synthesis of the relationship between the concepts of emotional eating and body size recognition. Background. The interrelatedness of the concepts of emotional eating and body size recognition is poorly understood; however, both factors significantly impact weight management. Nurses can be instrumental in developing more effective weight management interventions as a critical step in helping to ameliorate the public health burden of obesity. Design. This discussion article reports a literary statement synthesis. Data sources. Five quantitative research studies from 1996 - 2014 were identified, which examined the relationship between the concepts. Implications for nursing. A relational statement delineating the direct association between the amount of self-reported emotional eating and an adult individual’s recognition of their body size was constructed. Construction of a relational statement about emotional eating and recognition of body size is a step in the nursing theory-building process. Conclusion. The constructed relational statement will guide future research and nursing theory development and may ultimately help to construct more effective weight management interventions.

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Journal of Advanced Nursing

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