Increasing business-to-business buyer word-of-mouth and share-of-purchase


Marketing and Professional Sales

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Purpose – This study aims to examine the satisfaction-loyalty framework on word-of-mouth communications (WOMC) and share-of-purchases in situations where business-to-business (b-t-b) buyers have a relationship with both the salesperson and the selling firm. Design/methodology/approach – This study uses an online panel to examine respondents with b-t-b purchasing authority for their given firm. Lisrel 8.52 was used to examine the proposed structural model. Findings – This study finds that satisfaction, loyalty and WOMC with regards to the salesperson directly impacts satisfaction, loyalty and WOMC with the selling firm, respectively. Also, the study finds that certain levels of buyer satisfaction and loyalty impact post purchase behavior and spending. Research limitations/implications – Several contributions emerge from the proposed model to advance relationships within b-t-b markets by examining methods in which salespeople can directly influence their company’s financial outcome in the form of increased customer spending; examining methods for increasing buyers’ WOMC; expanding the current body of knowledge examining the buyer–selling firm relationship as two unique, but related, relationships; and further revealing the dichotomy between consumer markets and b-t-b markets. Originality/value – This research authenticates the need to examine satisfaction, loyalty and WOMC from a multi-level perspective in b-t-b environments. Further, the understanding of share-of-purchases is advanced.