Corporate blogs, social media links and firm performance: A study of Fortune 500 companies

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This research explores the relationships between corporate blogs, social media links and the performance of Fortune 500 companies. Using secondary data from the companies regarding their revenue, profits and ratings on the Most Admired Companies (MAC) list, the study tests the influence of blogs and social media links on performance. Specifically, it compares the performance outcomes of those companies with corporate blogs, those companies with social media links, and those companies with neither blogs nor social media links. The results indicate that those companies with corporate blogs have higher revenues and profits, and score higher on the MAC list than those without. Similarly, those companies with social media links have higher revenues, profits and MAC ratings than those without. The findings confirm the association between corporate blogs and social media links in relation to performance outcomes. As the first study to test such relationships in the social media context, the findings provide valuable insights into the influence of corporate blogging and social media strategies on firms’ financial performance and reputation. The study also provides directions for future research in the social media context.