MENC 2000 National Biennial In-Service Conference: A Content Analysis

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Fall 11-1-2001


The 413 sessions of the 2000 MENC National Biennial In-Service Conference were classified according to category, which included educational sessions, concerts and sessions that included performances, and general sessions. They were also grouped according to subject areas, including general music, performance, administration, research, technology, industry and exceptionalities. By far the largest proportionate category of sessions was education (65%), followed distantly by sessions including performances (17%). Promotion of industry products dominated, accounting for 29% of all sessions and 40% of the content of educational sessions. Technology sessions represented 25% of all subjects and 71%) of industry sessions. Performance-focused sessions comprised just over 20%). A continuation of trends of high industry representation and increasing technology, along with decreasing performances and performance-oriented sessions, was found. A single session on inclusion resulted in the exceptionalities category forming 0.4% of total conference offerings.

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