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Mathematics Education has at its core a conception of the mathematical performances that represent the aspirations of the mathematics classroom and curriculum. These performances are constituted through teacher and student participation in the activities stimulated by mathematical tasks selected by the teacher for the realization of an instructional purpose. In this nexus of activity, intention, interpretation and consequence, the mathematical task occupies a central place. This Research Forum provides an opportunity to explore and reflect upon the role that mathematical tasks play in the achievement of the goals of the international mathematics education community. Further, consistent with current curricular and theoretical priorities, the agency, attributes and activities of the student are foregrounded in the discussion of the instructional use of mathematical tasks. The contributors to this Research Forum represent a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and report research undertaken in different school systems and different cultures. These different perspectives offer a useful exploration of the theme: Mathematical Tasks and the Student.

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Proceedings of the 38th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education and the 36th Conference of the North American Chapter of the Psychology of Mathematics Education (Vol. 1)

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