Comparing Mobile and PC Internet Adoption Factors of Loyalty and Satisfaction with Online Shopping Consumers


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This research looks at the adoption of Internet and mobile applications comparing the factors that influence loyalty and satisfaction. It is the intent of this exploratory study to examine factors of adoption that are common in both Japan and the United States. After a comprehensive review of the literature, we derived a research model for and tested related hypotheses with data collected from consumers in both Japan and the United States. The authors used online shopping as the common application between Internet and mobile technologies. They found that the original technology acceptance model factors to be less important in explaining the overall variance of satisfaction, especially with mobile applications, than expected. This research takes an important first step in understanding the adoption of online shopping by differentiating mobile and Internet factors. Inertia was found to be critical in explaining satisfaction only with mobile applications. This factor is important for online retailers who count on repeat sales as a major part of their revenue. Loyalty is key to online retailers identifying the factors that will enhance the satisfaction of the online consumer. This study provides managers with a framework for online shopping which areas they need to focus upon when launching new online products, such as shaping and/or changing their consumers’ attitude toward using the Internet, making their Website easier to use, and enhancing the perceived usefulness of the technologies that allow consumers to access their products online.

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International Journal of E-Business Research

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