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Family business entrepreneurship has emerged as one of the most dynamic research themes in economics and management in recent decades. This collection of previously published journal articles serves as a testimony to the pioneers that have contributed towards the consolidation of this inter-disciplinary topic on the academic agenda. It is the port for reference and inspiration for every researcher in the business of shaping the development of the field. Panikkos Poutziouris, President of the International Family Enterprise Research Academy The editors have done an exemplary job. This comprehensive collection will be much appreciated by the academic community, family business owners, managers, advisors to family businesses, as well as policymakers at all levels. Sanjay Goel, University of Minnesota, Duluth, US My congratulations to Joe Astrachan, Torsten Pieper and Peter Jaskiewicz on this excellent contribution. In a clever yet meticulous way, they have compiled the seminal empirical studies in the broadly diverse field of family business. Look at the diversity of topics: governance, interpersonal relationships, strategic management, finance, law, psychology, organizational culture, economics, gender issues, and more. The editors have done a remarkable job of categorizing this diversity and laying foundations for future scholarship. Family Business should be part of the library of anyone who takes this field seriously. Frank Hoy, Family Firm Institute This insightful collection conveniently presents the most influential and frequently cited family business research articles. Must quote papers on a broad range of topics, as well as a variety of methods are included and serve as a model for forthcoming work and a foundation for future theory. Complemented by the authors comprehensive introduction, this volume is an essential reference tool for seasoned researchers, new students and those who work with family businesses.