Another Kind of Hero: Preparing Successors for Leadership

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Another Kind of Hero: Preparing Successors for Leadership focuses on how a family firm's next generation of leadership can effectively enter the organization and develop essential business and leadership skills and experience. In its rich but readable pages you'll learn: seven stages in successor development; skills and attitudes required for leadership; how to lay the psychological groundwork for success; what the young person should consider before joining the business; how to construct a personal development plan; how successors gain credibility and legitimacy; how to manage succession when there are multiple family candidates; how successors can effectively manage change; how the older generation can play a positive role in the succession process; and much more... Another Kind of Hero shows how successors can prepare for a job that doesn't yet exist in a future that no one can clearly foresee. It is fast reading and filled with real-life cases, practical tips, and useful checklists. This volume also includes a valuable resource list for successor development.

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