Preparing Your Family Business for Strategic Change

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Strategies for family firms, unlike those of other businesses, can and should incorporate family factors. Responsible and disciplined strategic integration of family and business goals, strengths and values produces powerful results.

In Preparing Your Family Business For Strategic Change, you'll learn:

* How to reach your family business's strategic potential

* How to make change your tradition

* How to prevent past successes from limiting future ones

* How to recognize and use your family business's advantages

* How to overcome family business disadvantages

* How to depersonalize successes to benefit the business and the family

* How to create a strategic culture

Creating and implementing successful family business strategy is no abstract planning process. It requires family business leaders to understand the real reasons for success, to create a culture of change, and to manage incremental strategic experiments in ways that consistently stimulate strategic thinking. Preparing Your Family Business For Strategic Change shows you how.

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