Mathematical Literacy in the Middle and High School Grades: A Modern Approach to Sparking Student Interest

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Using reading materials and real-life examples that capture and keep students’ attention, this book helps future and current educators enhance and enlighten students’ mathematics learning by incorporating a variety of texts into the math classroom and developing students’ literacy skills. Math is everywhere, say the authors of this practical guide that gives busy teachers the means to enhance students’ mathematics learning by incorporating a variety of texts into the day-to-day life of the math classroom. From its opening overview of the theory behind new strategies for teaching math to its practical, day-to-day, concrete assistance, the book helps teachers find and use engrossing ways to introduce math concepts through stories, developing and using hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts. Included are ready-to-use activities busy teachers can incorporate as is or adapt to fit their particular classrooms and their students’ individual needs. The book draws on the experience of two diverse authors, each with their own perspectives on the topics, to give educators unique and varied solutions to the challenges of getting the concepts of mathematics across to their students. The authors communicate the theory behind teaching many varied subjects in mathematics through using literature and other reading materials as a tool, helping in-service teachers come up with lesson plans that enhance and enlighten students’ mathematics learning.

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