Merging Invitational Theory with Mathematics Education: A Workshop for Teachers

Anita N. Kitchens, Appalachian State University
Robet G. Wenta, Appalachian State University


Two faculty members in the department of mathematical sciences at a four-year university, with teacher-education experience, presented a workshop for in-service elementary and middle-school teachers. The intention was to address affective aspects of teaching including: teacher efficacy, learning styles, cognitive dissonance, relaxation, and beliefs as they influence behavior in order to motivate reflection and change. The goal of the workshop was to enhance the professional and personal development of the participants. The outline and implementation of the workshop were consistent with major tenets of Invitational Theory and with NCTM's 2000 Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. The intent of this paper is to suggest that educators reflect upon the teacher education program at their university and offer similar workshops.