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A number of articles that report the results of studies on school experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse students merit the attention of teacher educators who utilize multicultural knowledge bases that are research-based. Similarly, multicultural educators have postulated that culturally responsive pedagogy and curricula would improve the learning environment for all children despite meager research evidence. More specifically, researcher D. Viadero reports that researcher Thomas S. Dee in his study "Teachers, Race and Student Achievement in a Randomized Experiment" published on the Internet by the National Bureau of Economic Research Inc. found that (a) students who had a teacher of their own race for at least one of the four years of the study tended on average to score 3 to 4 percentile points higher on standardized tests of reading and math than peers who had teachers of different races (b) The race effects were particularly strong among poor children, children with inexperienced teachers and children attending segregated schools especially for African American children and (c) Whether or not a teacher had a graduate degree seemed to have no influence on the size of gains.