Acting: Thought into Action

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In the first edition of Acting, Kurt Daw paired cognitive research on the dynamic of the actor's mind with a keen appreciation of the craft and history of acting, expanding the creative thought processes of actors everywhere. Now with new sections on using emotion in performance, auditioning successfully, and selecting and performing monologues and scenes, this revised edition has been brought up to the minute to help actors at all levels create powerful characters.

Acting offers clear, precise instruction to the veteran actor and debunks the mysticism surrounding performance for the novice. Its series of seven lessons will tap your gray matter as well as your emotional core, utilizing your innate creative abilities to tackle the craft's toughest issues.

With Acting's help, you will

  • increase your confidence and conquer stage fright
  • free your creativity with proven techniques for seeing and sensing anew
  • cultivate powerful stage relationships with acting partners
  • spark spontaneity inside a scripted performance
  • illuminate the mental processes underlying Method Acting, Meisner Technique and other popular American approaches to acting.

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