Increasing Job Performance and Decreasing Salesperson Propensity to Leave: An Examination of an Asian Sales Force


Marketing and Professional Sales

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Spring 2011


Given the rapid expansion of the geographic territory that today’s firms compete in, firms without a strong understanding of the markets/countries where they conduct business will experience higher levels of employee turnover and lower levels of employee performance. When high levels of employee turnover and low levels of employee performance exist, firm profitability will be reduced and the potential for failure within the given markets will increase. Considering the level of firm interest in conducting business in Asian markets, we examine methods to reduce employee propensity to leave and increase job performance using a sample of 213 Korean salespeople. Results from the study indicate that (1) only organizational commitment was found to directly increase performance and decrease propensity to leave, (2) perceived organizational support was found to increase performance, and (3) emotional exhaustion was found to directly increase employee propensity to leave. Given the findings of this study, firms are provided with insights into managing turnover and increasing performance, which can aid firms in being potentially more successful within the Asian marketplace.