Following in Anne Frank's Footsteps: An Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program


History and Philosophy

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In 2006 and 2007, faculty members in history, German studies, and philosophy at Kennesaw State University developed a theme-based study abroad program entitled "Following in Anne Franks' Footsteps," focused on World War II and the Holocaust. This interdisciplinary program was focused courses on addressing a single question: How have the war and Holocaust been commemorated and remembered? The twelve-day program is not simply a tour of the sites of destruction; it is a study in how three countries—The Netherlands, Germany, and The Czech Republic—are grappling with their respective pasts. In making comparisons, students seek to understand how multiple factors shape an individual country's packaging and presentation of the past. In this way, we work to create intercultural learners, not simply academic tourists. This essay examines how we organized the trip, developed the curriculum, and sought to meet our goals and objectives.