Attitudes toward Work-Family Issues: The Human Resource Professional Perspective

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Winter 1993


The Career Issues Survey, which assessed the attitudes of human resource professionals regarding work-family concerns, sought to determine if there were differences in the attitudes of male and female human resource professionals. As a group, human resource professionals in the survey sample were not supportive of traditional work-family roles and were not supportive of the sex-role stereotypes examined in the study. They did not strongly support an active corporate/government role in managing the work-family interface. Women in the sample were generally more supportive of asking corporations and government to take greater responsibility for child care and less supportive of traditional child care arrangements. A notable finding is that gender-related differences do exist in attitudes toward work-family issues among the human resources professionals surveyed. Organizations are advised to seek input from a broad-based, representative group of individuals when developing policies to address work-family concerns.

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