Immersive Visualization Tool for Pedagogical Practices of Computer Science Concepts: A Pilot Study


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The progress made in technology is occurring at a much faster rate than the rate of human acquisition of new knowledge and concepts. To address this extraordinary difference, it is crucial that technology such as immersive visualization (e.g., virtual environment) be utilized to accelerate and enhance the pedagogical practices of educational institutions. The main purpose of this project was to create an immersive environment and accompanying courseware based on the extensive use of immersive visualization. In first phase of the project, the authors investigated, designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated a pilot courseware module for computer science concepts. Forty students participated in a controlled experimental study. Twenty of the participants were randomly assigned to the experimental group while the other twenty were assigned to a control group. A standard pre- and post-test protocol was administered. Only the experimental group was exposed to the courseware module. The preliminary results show that at a 5% level of significance the use of selected computer science courseware based on tenets, foundations and basic elements of immersive visualization, tends to increase the understanding and mastery of the selected subject area as measured by performance-oriented examinations.

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