Resummations in QCD Hard-Scattering at Large and Small X



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We discuss different resummations of large logarithms that arise in hard-scattering cross sections of quarks and gluons in regions of large and small x. The large-x logarithms are typically dominant near threshold for the production of a specified final state. These soft and collinear gluon corrections produce large enhancements of the cross section for many processes, notably top quark and Higgs production, and typically the higher-order corrections reduce the factorization and renormalization scale dependence of the cross section. The small-x logarithms are dominant in the regime where the momentum transfer of the hard sub-process is much smaller than the total collision energy. These logarithms are important to describe multijet final states in deep inelastic scattering and hadron colliders, and in the study of parton distribution functions. The resummations at small and large x are linked by the eikonal approximation and are dominated by soft gluon anomalous dimensions. We will review their role in both contexts and provide some explicit calculations at one and two loops.

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