Using Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulation with OOSimL: Tutorial Presentation

José M. Garrido, Kennesaw State University


This tutorial presents an overview of object-oriented modeling and simulation using the new language OOSimL. This language was designed and developed for education in Object Oriented Simulation mainly in computer science and related disciplines. Object-oriented concepts are reinforced using OOSimL and language follows the general philosophy of Simula and DEMOS. The compiler generates Java source code.

Computer Science programs include courses in simulation as an important application area. A typical basic or fundamental course in simulation should emphasize and exploit object-oriented modeling and programming in the large of semi-complex systems to implement the simulation model. The course should also include techniques for estimating the relevant performance metrics. This tutorial provides a short overview of object-oriented modeling and an introduction to the implementation of simulation models using the OOSimL and Java.