Examination of the International Scope of Papers Presented at the International Society for Music Education Research Commission Seminars, 1988—2006

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The authors classified citations included in papers presented at 10 International Society for Music Education (ISME) biennial International Research Commission Seminars across an 18-year period (1988—2006) based on the six world regions as specified by the ISME Research Commission. Citations (N = 4,535) were examined from 238 papers presented at the 12th through 21st seminars. There were 2,250 citations from 407 journals, the most prevalent sources. Twenty-eight papers from this sample were multinational in nature, with 79% (n = 22) of these by U.S. researchers as either sole or senior authors.The main result of this study is that the researchers from around the world who were presenters at these seminars primarily cited sources within their own geographical regions. Additionally, the Journal of Research in Music Education was by far the most referenced journal throughout the entire sample.